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Interview With Jamie

Who Are Your Clients Exactly?

My clients are men and women aged 30-50 who are physically broken and want to enjoy the buzz of exercising again. They suffer with chronic pain, lack in self- belief, have low self- esteem and have either have had a baby and are overweight and want to lose the flab.

Who will your programmes work for?

My programmes will work for anyone who is really committed to making life changing habits and is dedicated enough to make those drastic changes happen and really wants to see incredible RESULTS!

What type of person do I need to be to make this work?

You just need to be open minded, willing to learn and apply new things to start your total body breakthroughs journey. You will be the kind of person who gets their hands dirty straight off and take IMPERFECT action and fixes things on the way.

I’ve tried lots of stuff before, and nothing has worked. Will this really work for me?

Look we’ve all been there, had the gym membership, the trainer, done the home DVD and even took the magic pill but it hasn’t really worked. So ask yourself what could I have done to make it work? Through my knowledge, experience, support and guidance I guarantee you will see extraordinary results and feel so much better. You will become empowered and everything is achievable! You just need to take baby steps, commit to the programme, invest in yourself and take action.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample your work to see if it’s the right solution for me?

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where I put a lot of great content up about health, fitness, nutrition and minset. I also like to inspire people so I regularly post videos on YouTube and help people make positive impact on people. Also you can sign up to my FREE 7 Day Sugar Detox and you will get an insight into how I work. Plus once you’ve subscribed I’ll send you a weekly newsletter so you’ll get the very best in health and fitness at your fingertips.If you have any questions at all just reach out to me via Facebook or email and we could have a chat or even meet up for a coffee and see how I can help you on your way to achieving your impossible!

What results can I expect?

My driving passion and attitude is simple: I want to help and inspire men and women who are physically broken and want to achieve their impossible. My services have no boundaries, every goal is achievable, and it only takes three things: the right application, the right mind set along with the right coach. You can expect to feel like a celebrity from the word go, you will receive constant contact from the coaches, feel my positive energy, passion and knowledge. You are going to feel so much more confident in yourself. I will get the very best out of you through your coaching, your whole mindset will shift and you will be ready to take on anything. You are limitless, everything will seem achievable and there are no limitations. I will help you feel awesome and become very the best version of yourself and support you all the way. There will be no stone unturned as I want to get you extraordinary results!

How quickly can I expect results?

Very Quickly. Only if you’re willing to give this 100% and make positive changes to your life and listen then you will see changes from the word go. I can guarantee you won’t look back and this will be the best investment for yourself. Once we get started, I can promise you won’t change your mind and you actually start to believe that you can do it.

It sounds great but I don’t have time?

I believe if you want real results and see this as a priority you will make time. Think of this, if you want something as bad as you want to breathe, then you will do anything to make it happen. Look we cannot reverse time and investing in time for yourself is probably the best decision you can make. Look we can all make excuses not to do something, but if you really want it go get it today and stop procrastinating.

Do I need to be physically fit to keep up in the sessions?

No that’s my job. I’ve literally trained hundreds of people from all walks of life and everyone is different. I won’t beast you. I won’t make you sick. But I can ensure you I will take you out of your comfort zone and we will have fun too! Don’t worry there will be plenty of rest and time to talk, you just need to give me 100% every session and only worry about what you’re doing no one else. It’s YOUR coaching no one elses.

Is it going to be really hard?

As I’ve said before, if you are ready to change today and want to see life changing results then you are going to have to do things differently and have a can do attitude. Yes you will feel like giving up at times and it won’t be easy but it will feel achievable. You just need to give me 100% and tell yourself you can do it- whatever it is.

Do I have to follow a specific diet?

In all my coaching I provide bespoke personal nutrition plans for my clients. Nutrition is 80% of the jigsaw. You can’t eat crap and expect to get awesome results! You will feel buzzing, so much healthier and empowered, you will have a new lease of life. You will see major changes in your life. Picture this, you have so much energy you bounce out of bed before the kids get up and you seem to have so much energy you actually enjoy your training sessions. You feel so much confident you can wear what you like, have no more aches and pains and you are ready to attack your day with enthusiasm. This is exactly how you will feel after following my steps to becoming a better you.

Ok, I know which I package I want, How do we get started?

All you have to do is fill in the application form

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